October 8, 2015 |
Featured Hospital

New Orleans Public Hospital Re-opens 10 Years After Katrina
New Orleans, LA - Ten years after the levees and floodwalls broke during Hurricane Katrina and flooded New Orleans, the city finally has a full-scale public hospital again. View All Hospitals >
Featured Technology
Web-Based Toolkit Helps Improve Patient-Provider Communication
Boston, MA - Health care organizations have been implementing health information technology at increasing rates in an effort to engage patients and caregivers improve patient satisfaction, and favorably impact outcomes.  Full Story >
On The Horizon
Urine Test Might Find Pancreatic Cancer Early, Study Suggests

London, UK - Scientists report that they have developed a urine test that may detect pancreatic cancer at an early stage.

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Smart Moves
Temple, HGE to Launch Digital Health Center
Philadelphia, PA - Digital health leader HGE Health Care Solutions, LLC announced today that it has launched a collaboration with the recently expanded Temple Lung Center at Temple University Health System. Full Story >
Continuing Education
Adding F: Integrating Family Throughout the ABCDE Bundle
Nashville, TN - AACN Critical Care Webinar Series  Full Story >
News Briefs
Dementia Meds May Lead to Harmful Weight Loss: Study
San Francisco, CA - A class of drugs widely used to treat dementia -- called cholinesterase inhibitors -- could cause harmful weight loss in some patients, a new study suggests. Full Story >
Lymph Node Transplant Can Provide Relief from Cancer-Related Lymphedema
New York, NY - A critical aspect of many cancer surgeries is the removal of nearby lymph nodes, but in some cases removing these lymph nodes causes a debilitating side effect called lymphedema. Full Story >
Healthcare IT
25% of Physicians Wont Be Ready for ICD-10 Implementation
Danvers, MA - There are only fifty-eight days until the ICD-10 deadline, yet only one in five physicians has even started conducting external testing with health plans or clearinghouses. Full Story >
Featured Video
Mayo Expert: Artificial Liver Ready for Human Testing: On any given day about 15,000 Americans are on the liver transplant waiting list. It’s that kind of statistic that’s had doctors looking for alternatives for decades. Now, a new study in the Journal of Hepatology reports that Mayo Clinicresearchers may have a bioartificial liver ready to do the job for some of those patients. 
Safety First
Overtime, Large Workload Increases Risk for New Nurse Injury

New York, NY - Young nurses, those working night shifts and longer hours at higher risk for needle sticks, muscle strains and sprains.

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Nanoparticles Used to Breach Mucus Barrier in Lungs
Baltimore, MA - Proof-of-concept study conducted in mice a key step toward better treatments for lung diseases. Full Story >
Innovative Program Might Be Right for Your Hospital
Munster, IN - New grandparents review basic baby care. Learn new practices and recommendations for infant care at the Grandparents Class on Aug. 10 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Community Hospital Outpatient Centre, located at 9660 Wicker Ave, St. John, Indiana.    Full Story >