December 10, 2016 |
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UC San Diego Health

UC San Diego School of Medicine Researchers Tackle Unanswered Type 1 Diabetes Questions

San Diego, CA - Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine hope to answer some of unanswered questions about the mechanisms that contribute to the onset of type 1 diabetes with two Type 1 Diabetes Special Statutory Funding Program grants from the National Institutes of Health totaling more than $5 million.


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50% Less Contaminants
Featured Technology
Study Identifies Better Construction Solution for Infection Prevention
mfPHD's Fortress room system uses easy-to-clean modular, stainless steel panels instead of drywall Lorena, TX – An independent study conducted by Xenex Healthcare Services, LLC. has determined that the mfPHD Fortress™ modular stainless steel room system is a superior construction choice in medical facilities for Infection Prevention. The study showed that the mfPHD System harbored 50% less bacteria than traditionally constructed Operating Rooms.  Full Story >
On The Horizon
Axsis Surgical Robot Uses Flexible Tools For Precise Procedures
Cambridge Consulting believes its new Axsis robot will revolutionize precise surgical procedures. Cambridge, UK - Cambridge Consultants recently presented their new Axsis surgical robot which they believe is the next big step in robotic surgical technology. Full Story >
VA Partnership
Smart Moves
VA Announces Partnership to Aid Prostate Cancer Research
The VA announced its partnership with the Prostate Cancer Fund at their recent LaunchPad summit. Washington, DC - The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has announced an important and substantial partnership with the Prostate Cancer Foundation in order to prevent, screen and promote research to speed the development of treatments and cures for prostate cancer among Veterans.  Full Story >
Cancer CE
Continuing Education
CME-Accredited Coursera Course Now Available
Dr. Eric M. Genden of Mount Sinai will be instructing the course. New York, NY - Mount Sinai and its Icahn School of Medicine are now offering the first CME-accredited course on HPV-related cancers on the massive open online course platform Coursera entitled "HPV-Associated Oral And Throat Cancer: What You Need To Know Full Story >
News Briefs
Depression Study
Psilocybin Linked to Depression Relief - Lancet Study
The study, published in The Lancet, was carried out by researchers from Imperial College, London. London, UK - Researchers from Imperial College in London have concluded that psilocybin – the active compound found in psychedelic mushrooms – may be an effective therapeutic treatment for patients with unipolar treatment-resistant depression. Full Story >
T Cell Therapy
Modified CAR T Cells Act as “Micro-Pharmacies” in Lymphoma
Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering have discovered a way to engineer T cells that function as NY, NY - Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering have discovered a way to engineer T cells that function as "micro-pharmacies." Full Story >
Data Management
Healthcare IT
Philips’ Data Manager Organizes Multidepartmental Images
Amsterdam Royal Philips recently announced the commercial availability of its  scalable, secure, interoperable data management solution that supports healthcare enterprises in organizing large data sets. Full Story >
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Arthrex - Double Row Labral Repair
Infection Prevention
Safety First
UV Infection Prevention Moves to Hospital Cafeterias
The South Hill, VA - Advanced Ultra-Violet 
Systems’ proven germicidal enclosure, now in place in many leading hospitals has also found a home in the cafeteria. Full Story >
Malaria Drugs Found to Convert Alpha Cells to Beta-Like Cells
The study found that inhibiting Arx facilitated the transdifferentiation of alpha cells to beta-like cells. Vienna, Austria - A recent Austrian study details a potential breakthrough in the study of Type 1 Diabetes and the transdifferentiation of pancreatic alpha cells. Full Story >
UAMS to Promote Diversity in Medical Research
Tiffany Haynes, Ph.D., left, and Keneshia Bryant-Moore, Ph.D., R.N, right Little Rock, AR - Two College of Public Health faculty at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences have secured a contract to create a collaborative network with the local faith community.  Full Story >